Yes, i'm finally back on the blogging radar now! After my kinda long hiatus i'm going to write on my journal (this blog) again. The last post i posted it was last year and i know that i need to get my brain on this blog again and on track. Wish me luck hopefully this time i will do better. I used to love writing on my old blog almost everyday. Telling all of my journey through it, but i guess something keeps me busy and i can't keep it on track.

It is 2016, i'm back again in my hometown Surabaya. After almost 1,5 years moved to Leeds and studied my master there. Lots of thing happen in just one year. 2014 and 2015 have been very adventurous year for me. Not just for my study life but also for my personal life. Back then i used to wish to God that someday i would love to live and study broad just me and myself. Well i know it sound so 'It's all about me' but it was my dream to just get to know myself and challenge myself. And God said yes, so i travelled 20 hours (by plane) from Indonesia to UK and from then i had my own adventure.

Will continue it soon... please do stay and keep reading,
Have a great night and Selamat hari raya nyepi teman-teman yang merayakan



Missing Amy..


Dear readers, 

Don't you miss the soulful voice of Amy Winehouse? I do...
So, i was doing my reading for my dissertation then my youtube playlist played this song and suddenly i miss her voice. I used to listen to this kind of voice, and most of the musician/singers are from UK. 

It's been 5 years after her death but her memories especially her soulful voice is still legendary. I don't listen to all of Amy's songs but i listen to some of it. Those songs and her voice calmed me down even the songs is about breaking up or sad song. Not just her unique voice but also her appearance, her style is really out of the box. I mean that she is so independent with herself, confidence and truly unique. I love her hairstyle, so vintage (i wonder if i can make my hair like that... )

Her inspiration is Frank Sinarta and he is also one of my favourite singer. These days, you rarely find this kind of voice in the tv. I think the other musician, singers that has this kind of voice is Duffy. 

ps: There will be a documentary of Amy Winehouse this summer 

I hope you guys also miss her, Rest In Peace Amy...
Your music and voice always in our heart



hello from long sleep...

Well, hello again :) 
Sudah enam bulan terakhir saya post di blog saya ini. Selama enam bulan masa 'sleep' saya, banyak banget adventure yang sudah saya alami. Thank God, I'm blessed! 
Back again with my daily routine as a student. yup, most of you know that currently i'm pursuing my master in Leeds and now i'm in my thesis-phase (LOL). 

Need lots of effort and energy to do the last piece of my education (really!) i mean to start writing, i need lots of motivation. I don't even understand my sleep time anymore, i sleep at 4 am and wake up at 11 am? (mum gonna be so mad if she knew this :/) i start my thesis war like in 6 pm and in between 11am to 6 pm u can guess what activities i do daily... yes, you almost right... keep guessing... 

yes, i cook
i facetime-ing with my boyfriend 
i browse many blogs 
i eat 
i sleep again 

such a lazy pig, gosh! i don't have class anymore this semester so i don't know why i turned into this lazy pig. so then until now... i'm still trying to motivate myself, with any ways from calling my mum (she always keep me insane with my thesis, especially my dad 'have you write something for ur dissertation today?') 

and distance... 
yes distance is one of the reason, far from family, boyfriend and friends. but i have to keep fighting, i know that out there many of you guys feel the same. especially pursuing ur dream education outside your 'comfy' box. 

so when i'm bored (not because i have nothing to do, just a break from my writing) i cleaned my room today then i found this paragraph from bible and this paragraph really motivate me from my 'thesis-blues'. i want to share it with you guys, hopefully you are agree with me too :) 

" There is no need to worry; but if there is anything you need, pray for it, asking God for it with prayer and thanksgiving, and that peace of God, which is so much greater than we can understand, will guard your hearts and your thoughts, in Christ Jesus. - Philippians 4: 6-7" 

it reminded me of my mama always says to me 'don't forget to pray in every situation' 
this is my nite-can't sleep-supposedtostudy-thesisblues, i'm sorry bothering you guys with my chit chat. 

i hope you guys have a great day and nite (UK time) 

good night, 


ps: i'm going to tell you about my baby project with my sissy-partner but please check out The It Girl :)

I miss you so much, so i write for you...

Yes, it's been months me and my special 'who took my breath away' doing this long distance relationship. Surabaya, Indonesia - Leeds, United Kingdom is really long way to do this relationship. In total 20 hours by plane, 12225.866 kilometres (based on distance calculator), 6 hours of time differences and i'm so blessed to be with my special man.

"But something happened / For the very first time with you / My heart melts into the ground / Found something true / And everyone's looking around / Thinking i'm going crazy"

Yes, it was an unplanned moment to know you, yeah you know the story baby. It was a nice time to talk and to know you at the first time. We chatted all the time and i remembered when you would reply all chats (yup, after you finish all your work). I deeply falling with all of our 'whatever' conversation that keeps me want to know you more, and so do you. It wasn't a good time to start a new relationship (that was i thought that time), but my heart kept telling me to keep talking and know you better.

Yes, i finally i saw you on that day. 3 days before i moved to Leeds to continue my study. I was so nervous and i didn't know what to do, what to talk to you about. But i tried to stay cool, and at the end you commented that i'm way to 'cool' (i'm really sorry). We spent the 3 days most of them together, i had so much fun to get to know you but also sad that i had to leave the country and also you. I didn't know what to expected with us.

Yes, our relationship is such an unique one. You remember how you need to get into the top of the ship to have a FaceTime with me? remember how you spent your saturday at the mall, you bought kebab then you FaceTime me so we can spent saturday night just like other couples even thou we are miles away. Remember how i surprised you on your b-day but you surprised me first by picked me up from the airport (i was over the moon). When i hurt my feet from basketball practice, you stayed all night to accompany me and calmed me down and told me that i still can walk and watch justin timberlake concert.

But you see now, i'm blessed and over the moon with us. I know long distance relationship is one hell of thing that we must get through, but i believe that we can pass this. I know you and you know me, other don't matter.

Thank you for our 'us' time we've spent these months, thank you for believing in me and understand me even thou you know how i can be a pain in the ass especially on monthly time, thank you for being there for me even thou only from FaceTime, thank you for letting me tell you all of my dreams and being such a good listener, thank you for being a big brother, a best friend and mi amore.

I can't thank God enough of this blessing, keep praying for what best for us
"and i feel your warmth, and it feels like home - Depeche Mode / Here is the House"

I miss you, please be home soon

xoxo- putri

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